Shizuka Hariu

between the Imaginary and the Concrete

Copyright ©Shizuka HARIU 2015


Royal Academy of Arts: Sensing Spaces: Exhibition Design, London, UK
Matt Steinberg: Traut Stanley, Theatre, London, UK
Frederic Wake-Walker: A Time There Was, Opera, Suffolk, UK
Olga de Soto, Reflection for Green Table, Brussels, Belgium
Entrance scenograpy for Cosmo systems Headquarters, Miyagi, Japan
Rosalba Torres: Les Ballets C de la B, Pénombre, Ghent, Belgium
Shizuka Hariu exhibition "between the Imaginery and the Concrete - Scenography for Contemporary Dance" , Leeds, UK
The exhibition SBTD, Transformation & Revelation, Wales, UK
Next Theatre Architecture, Prague, PQ2011
Charleroi Danses: Compil d'Avril, Brussels, Belgium
Yasuyuki Endo: Star Dancers Ballet, Love Love Robot, Tokyo, Japan
Cosmo, Entrance scenography, Sendai, Japan
Maha Works research project, Gadgetland, Antwerp, Belgium
Koshi Hidama research project, UMIURA, Antwerp, Belgium
Saiko Kino The Place Prize, IchI, London, UK (scenography)
Shobana Jeyasingh Dance company, City/Zen, London, UK (Lighting design)
Zinneke Parade, Zendo, Brussels, Belgium (Scenography and Artistic Coordination)
Ram Katzir's exhibition, Still Alive, Brussels, Belgium (Lighting design)
Akram Kahn Company & Sylvie Guillem, Sacred Monsters, amphitheatre, Lyon, France
Rebecca September, View Masters, Aalst, Belgium (technical research )
Anurekha Ghosh, Noor, Birmingham, UK
Akram Kahn Company & Sylvie Guillem, Sacred Monsters, London, UK
Irene K, Espaces Couleurs, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands
Rabbit Hole Collective, Hopscotch, Brussels, Belgium
Deep Blue Company, Closer , Gent, Belgium
Maha Works, Kaku , Gent, Belgium
Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Kazushi Ono, Opera I Due Foscari(Giuseppe Verdi)
Brussels, Belgium (Assistant lighting design for Jan Versweyveld)
Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker / Rosas , Bitches Brew , Brussels, Belgium
(Assistant scenographer for Jan Versweyveld)
Salud Lopez / Octubredanza, Solo Comentado, Seville, Spain
Yasuyuki Endo, Ongaku 2 , Tokyo, Japan
Yasuyuki Endo, Ongaku , Tokyo, Japan
Stepping Blocks Project, Tokyo, Japan (artistic direction and scenography

Architecture / Interior design

Yuriage Town Morning Market (icw SHAA)
Exhibition proposal Invisible Needs of Life
Competition Oirase Emergency Tower (icw SHAA)
Competition Kita-Akita Cultural Centre (icw SHAA)
Competition Reconstruction of Iwanuma Housings (1st Prize) (icw SHAA)
Competition New National Stadium Tokyo (icw SHAA)
Curation 'Towards a new reconstruction after 311 tsunami in Japan' at BOZAR + RIBA + JIA
Competition Bibliotheque, finalist, Belgium (1st Prize)
Competition Marlette Water Sports centre, 2nd Place, Belgium
Competition Moulart museum, finalist, Bruxelles, Belgium
Competition Theatre Marni, finalist, Bruxelles, Belgium
Loft renovation for Laurent, Anne, Mika and Lili, Bruxelles, Belgium
Apartment renovation for Fumiyo and Hana, Bruxelles, Belgium
Villa for Ken & Charlelotte, Normandy, France
Villa for Alex, Lesanskie Lake side, Poland
House for Kevin & Modica, Liege, Belgium
House in Uccle, Bruxelles, Belgium
Apartment building for Anne & Samuel, Brussels, Belgium (icw V+**)
Extension design for Florent, Uccle, Bruxelles, Belgium
Extension and renovation, House for Sophie & Eric, Bruxelles, Belgium
House in Kitanakayama, Sendai, Japan (icw SHAA)
House in Hasekura, Sendai, Japan (icw SHAA)
Interior design, Apartment for Dorothée, Brussels, Belgium
Interior design, Apartment for Ingrid, Brussels, Belgium
Interior design, Loft for Françoise and Jacques, Brussels, Belgium
icw SHAA: in collaboration with Shoichi Haryu Architect & Associates