Shizuka Hariu / SHSH Architecture+Scenography

between the Imaginary and the Concrete

Copyright ©Shizuka HARIU 2021

The exhibition attempts to enhance the conception of ideal feminine beauty in Roman times, with the contemporary aesthetics and concerns. The work of the art photographer Marc Lagrange has been drawn upon to give visual tension to the exhibition.

Marc's photographs engage in a dialogue with 2,000-year-old texts by authors who were enthralled by feminine beauty. The collection of authentic objects is indicative of the kinds of resources and techniques elite Roman women relied upon to enhance their physical attraction.

Ranging from fragments of body parts to areas in which the fragments come together into a whole that the experience appeals to the senses, the exhibition’s contemporary relevance is underscored by Lieve Blancquaert's short films featuring present-day women offering intimate accounts of how they perceive their bodies.

The story of fragment in body-building is an educational idea where the visitor is going through an awakening, which is supported by the spatial articulation.

The exhibition scheduled to open in the Gallo-Roman Museum on 17 December 2016.

Gallo-Roman Museum, Tongeren: Opening 17th December 2016

province of Limburg
Herman Reynders - governor
Igor Philtjens - Commissioner of Tourism, Culture and Heritage
and the members of the deputation: Frank Smeets / Ludwig Vandenhoven / Erik Gerits /
Jean-Paul Peuskens / Inge Moors
Renata Camps - county clerk
Bérengère Adriaens - financial manager

Gallo-Roman Museum and Atelier Lagrange

Marc Lagrange

Scenography & lighting design
SHSH Architecture + Scenography / Shin Hagiwara & Shizuka Hariu
icw Koen Van Synghel

Graphic design
SHSH Architecture + Scenography

SHSH team:
Vy Do, Eve Herry, Rim Cividino, Marta Arnan, Maria Muska, Sofie Coose.

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