Shizuka Hariu / SHSH Architecture+Scenography

between the Imaginary and the Concrete

Copyright ©Shizuka HARIU 2021


SHSH Architecture + Scenography won the competition prize and finally opens the new exhibition!

The people - 'citizens' from various corners of the Roman Empire - are the key elements in the exhibition. The films with the personal testimonies of the adults are projected in real scale for adults in order to create a strong connexion with the visitors. They are installed in strategic places and are guiding the visitors through the exhibition space. The islands made of all these groups are placed carefully and strategically in the space in order have an open, fluid and clear circulation.

the visitor is experiencing the geographic relation between Rome as the dense capital in the centre of the exhibition, with all other areas around with less density. The whole exhibition is seen as a spatial experience of the Roman Empire, the interaction between the ower centre (inner shell) and the rest of the Empire (outer shell).

The plan of the design is rational and simple, following a strict and efficient rule for displaying each type of objects in a clear circulation. The design with volumes is functional, and each object is placed at the best height. The result is offering rich, complex, and diverse volumes, avoiding a monotonous harshness. Moreover, we want to touch people's heart by challenging new ways of display, respecting the soul of the objects.

The general atmosphere is orchestrated by pastel colours, surreally reminiscent of the bright colours used in Roman times, which would have faded with time. The diversity of the population is represented by different colours. Rome is its fusion.

Art direction, exhibition design : SHSH Architecture + Scenography
Lighting : SHSH / Shizuka Hariu
Execution : Bruns, Showtex, Etoile Mécanique
Graphic design : Gestalte
Multimedia : Arizona, Direction Film : Patrick VDB
Soundscape : Jean Delouvroy