Shizuka Hariu / SHSH Architecture+Scenography

between the Imaginary and the Concrete

Copyright ©Shizuka HARIU 2021

Choreography by Roebrt Binet for the Ballet am Rhein Dusseldorf

Shizuka designs for Robert Binet's new contemporary ballet Dark with Excessive Bright. Her set design can provide both sharp lighting reflections and softened organic feeling of the light in darkness. This space transformed by the light and shadows continuously and endlessly without giving the break. Dancers become a part of the mystic spatial elements by having the thin over-layered costumes which almost melted into space. Simultaneously dancers give audience human emotion and fragility through the soft textiles which covered and float beyond their movements.

Following the great success of his world premiere for the Ballett am Rhein ‘New World’ the young Canadian Robert Binet returns to Düsseldorf. ‘Dark with Excessive Bright’ is the title of his new piece behind which lies John Milton’s legendary epic poem ‘Paradise Lost’ about the fall of man. For its musical basis Robert Binet uses three works by the 2019 Grammy Award nominee, the American Missy Mazzoli – music that suggests “images of space and spirituality, mystic freedom and perfection” to him. ‘Vespers’ – a prayer sung at the break of night – becomes “the beginning of a journey taking us out of our solar system into distant galaxies.” The materialisation of energy as in the creation of a star that will then burn up again defines the dynamic of his ballet: initially glowing, ull of power and then going out gently. (From Ballet Am Rhein Website)

Choreogrpahy Robert Binet

Music Director: Finnegan Downie Dear / Stefan Klingele
Set & Cosutme : Shizuka Hariu
Lighting:Simon Rossiter
Orcherstre: Dusseldorf Symphoniker / Duisburger Philharmoniker